Home Team Success Stories

Meet Jake & Lisa,

He’s a contractor, she’s a teacher and they have 2 kids.

They got HOME TEAM, to eliminate tensions and have a whole lot more fun together. They completed their Pre-Game Warm-Ups and filling the game board with Scoring Opportunities for one another.

Lisa liked “silent bath time.”  Jake liked her “homemade brownies.”

Just two of the MANY Scoring Opportunities they had up on the board, were:

Each time Jake got home by 7 to watch the kids while she was in the tub,
he scored 10 C-Notes from Lisa.

Each day Lisa remembered to slip a special baked surprise in his lunch,
Lisa scored 10 from Jake.

However, each time either forgot,
instead of winning C-Notes,
they’d have to re-invest, and put 10 into the team pot.

Players want to score and save ALL the C-Notes they can. 

  • Lisa cashed hers in for foot massages and picks of movies on date night.
  • Jake cashed his in for Home Depot gift certificates and premium cable sports packages.

Today, while their game board is packed away, Jake and Lisa continue their weekly Team Meetings.  And, specifying ways that in the upcoming days they can each score with one another.