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“I'd never seen our couples communicate like that and have such fun.”
(C. Farless, US Navy, Community Services Director)

From Husbands/Men

From Wives/Ladies

I love they made this a game.

Finally found out what my wife really wants.

Made working with my wife a priority.

Helped me identify what needs my attention.

Reminded me Marriage is fun.

Loved focusing on fun things like friendship, sex…

Got us talking about what we needed more of from each other.

Game's a great way to get connected & stay connected.

Made our marriage more fun!

Enabled me to clearly convey my specific wants to my partner.

Let us discuss things in a fun and positive way.

We laughed a lot.

Great bonding/team-building time.

Creates "words without weapons."

Learning things we'd never expressed.

It's like getting re-married.