What IS a Parenting Game?

There’s NO job more challenging than being a parent in America these days.


Moms, Dads and parenting programs nationwide are turning to Kevin McMahon’s widely acclaimed parenting game, “That’s The Ticket”. Why?  Playing the game of “That’s The Ticket” empowers parents to bring vital order, structure and solidity to their family life—even in times of uncertainty. And, inspires kids to WANT to set new goals, master positive habits and EARN the things they crave. 

Now, game creator, Kevin McMahon travels the country, working directly with these families (and those who train them) at military bases, conferences and major university / college parenting programs—providing each parent with their own copy of “That’s The Ticket”. With loads of humor, fun role-playing and true stories from actual “That’s The Ticket” families, Kevin helps each parent customize their game boards around their unique goals for their unique kids.  All in preparation to begin play the very moment they return home.


Look What’s Inside!

game pices

Every copy of “That’s The Ticket” opens up to reveal a colorful game, with:

game pices customized


Playing “That’s The Ticket”
(as outlined in the game’s guidebook)


The Results:


“THAT’S THE TICKET” kids are finding success at school, at home and in business.

One young winner got so excited about setting his own goals and “earning” things for himself that at the age of 14, he started his own successful web design company. Just recently, he received a proclamation from the Mayor of Los Angeles for his victory at the National Microsoft Young Entrepreneur’s Competition.

Kevin McMahon


"Your kids are more powerful and capable than you could ever imagine.
Discover how playing a game can inspire them to WANT to excel."

(Game Creator, Kevin McMahon)