Experts & Parents Are Saying:


“Kevin's techniques played a key role in making my grandson the success he is today.”

Virginia McCullough (NASA / JPL ret.)

US Army

“That’s The Ticket” has been a Godsend for our family during this deployment.  Now, my kids are motivated, ‘re-charged’ and able to make it through.”

(Natl. Guardsman’s Spouse)

“We easily incorporated the game into a brand new parenting class—and the positive feedback was immediate. The parents love it. The kids love it. And as professionals, we feel we're helping the families in our community like never before.” 

(Denise DeNicolo, Family Advocacy Program Manager, Fort Meade, MD)

“Kevin’s game (and presentation) generates a feeling of being proactive in parenting—allowing not only the parents, but their children to feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment when goals are achieved.”

(Kara Trudgeon, M.A.—Fleet and Family Support Center,
Naval Air Station Whiting Field)


“A MUST for all parents.”

Rose M. Montiero, LCSW (Graduate School of Social Work, USC)


“Families are talking about That's the Ticket! The amazing changes parents are noticing amongst their children are wonderful. Those who were normally frazzled with the day-to-day drama of deployed parenting are smiling and talking about how this game has changed their home life. I am even using it with my daughter and WOW what a difference!”

(ACS Family Advocacy Program, Ft. Wainwright, AK)

US Navy

“It’s like someone opened my eyes to a new style of parenting. I finally have the skills to raise responsible and respectful kids!”

(Navy Spouse)


“Gives me new hope with regards to disciplining my kids while my husband’s deployed.”

(Navy Spouse)

“'That’s The Ticket’ provides a systematic method for actively guiding children in being more powerful in the world.”

Dr. Dee Bridgewater (Psychotherapist & UCLA Professor)

“Empowers ANY parent to create a customized blueprint for their child’s daily success”.

Dr. Kevin Leman
(Internationally-Known Psychologist & Regular Guest on “Oprah”)


“His energy and enthusiasm had the audience contacting us long AFTER the segment aired.”

Fred Bodimer, Exec. Producer, CBS, St. Louis


“Kevin’s funny, with vivid, engaging stories. I’ve booked him as a guest in multiple cities across the country.” 

Michael Dixon, Host, CBS Phoenix & St. Louis

“With his fun and engaging style, I’ve watched Kevin dismantle the most detrimental block of all—the resistance to change.”

Robert Packard (Weight Watchers, Intl.)


“An innovative game that teaches vital life skills needed to negotiate this complex urban society.”

Dr. John A. Davis (Professor, Loyola Marymount University)

Parents are Saying:

“I've never come across anything that's been so helpful, so effective and left such a lasting impression on my life and the life of my child.”

“If I'd had That’s The Ticket when I was a kid, I might not have encountered so many frustrating years trying to figure it all out as an adult.”

“It is a wonderful, empowering journey that has brought kindness, teamwork and an incredible desire to achieve to the everyday life of our son."

“This is one of the few workshops that's concrete and instantly applicable to real life situations.”

“I didn’t know discipline and building good character could be so fun.” 

Kids Are Saying:

“My parents stopped hassling me so much—I guess 'cause we had a plan to follow.”

“I always knew how to set goals. But, this game showed me how to make a plan to achieve them.”

“My Dad had reasons to be proud of me every day, because I won every day.”