Home TeamHow Couples Play

Even in this “Reality Show”-spun world, couples HAVE found a way to:

  • Become crystal clear on exactly what they desire from one another (not just what bugs ‘em)
  • Communicate those daily/weekly wants, with equal clarity
  • Craft a team game plan that inspires BOTH
  • Have loads of fun together.

“I clearly understand exactly what she’s been wanting all along.”
HOME TEAM player

Home Team Pocket Playbook“HOME TEAM” starts as a book that when opened transforms into a game.  With:

  • Couple’s Game Plan Game Board
  • Pre-Game Warm-Ups (for him and her)
  • C-Notes (game’s cash).
  • 1000’s of Scoring Opportunities and Incentives that quickly customize the game plan around each couple/team.

“Playing HOME TEAM keeps our relationship clear, solid…and fun.”
HOME TEAM player

Playing HOME TEAM:

  • Teammates complete Pre-Game Warm-Ups, Clarifying-
    • Top 5 Areas (of “Couple’s Life”) to focus team play
    • Scoring Opportunities for their teammate
  • Game Board links Scoring Opportunities with fun incentives
  • Weekly team meetings are held
  • Each 6 months, team Game Plan Game Board is updated
  • Final rounds transition to life as a strong team, simply without the game board.