MilitaryI’m From The Military:

Kevin’s work is valuable far beyond the Month Of The Military Child and Month Of The Military Family, that’s why bases like these, book Kevin / use “That’s The Ticket” throughout the year.

But, Don’t Take It From Us— Hear The Actual Words Of Servicemen’s Wives And Program Managers about the impact of Kevin’s work:

Denise Mitchell, ACS Family Advocacy Program, Ft. Wainwright, AK

Families are talking about That's the Ticket! The amazing changes parents are noticing amongst their children is wonderful. NO more drama in the home!

Denise DeNicolo, Family Advocacy Program Manager, Fort Meade, MD

“We easily incorporated the game into a brand new parenting class—and the positive feedback was immediate. Now, the word has spread and the calls are coming in REQUESTING "That's The Ticket".

Kelly Ann Bonnell, M.A., founder of “My Parent Coach”

My nine year old asked to do his own laundry last week. He gave up television and video games for an entire day by choice.  ALL so he could win this game.

Lisa Johnson, U.S. Army National Guard

What I like about the game, is that I don't have to argue with the kids. Having only one parent in the home is a hard thing.  This game really saved the day. I would hope that every military family who is trying to survive deployment would have the opportunity to be rejuvenated with "That's The Ticket!".

Nancy E. Moreno, TSgt, USAF, Andrews AFB

I am the mother of Alexander, a 7 year-old with High Functioning Autism/ADHD/Bipolar Disorder. The results with him are nothing short of a miracle! Who would have thought my only problem would be overwhelming success with the game?

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